During this Reiju 21 Day Meditation Journey we will focus on one of the elements of the system of Reiki called Reiju. Reiju is the official name of the ritual performed during Reiki classes within Japan, later (in the west) this ritual started to be called initiation and even later still attunement.

For 21 Day Frans will perform a Reiju for everybody who is participating in this event. Reiju can be translated as Spiritual Blessing, hence each nice we will sit in this space of Spiritual Blessing together. 

Reiju 靈授 is like the raining down of spiritual rain for the benefit of all sentient being.

Frans will also give small little teachings every day about the concept of Reiju and how to prepare yourself so that you can take the most out of this Spiritual Blessing.

However, he will not teach you how to perform the ritual and neither does this mean that you suddenly belong to his lineage, for that you have to attend a Shinpiden Reiki III class.