Come and join international Reiki teacher and author Frans Stiene on a 21 Day Hands on/off Healing Meditation Journey.

Each day we will do a live video hands on/off healing session together for 30 minutes. These sessions are not just about placing your hands on yourself rather these 21 days are about delving deep into the layers of hands on healing from a traditional Japanese perspective.

We will therefore also discuss the essence of hands on/off healing so that your own practice will develop into the right direction. Some of the aspects we will be discussing are: What to do with your mind during hands on/of healing? What hand positions to use? Why do we use our hands? How to enhance our hands on/off healing? and many more.

Frans has been teaching different 21 Day Live Meditation Journeys and they have been very popular due to the focus on the more traditional Japanese approach of the system of Reiki and also due to the direct experience the students are having.