Hatsurei-hô is one of the most essential practices within the traditional Japanese system of Reiki. This meditation practice is also mentioned in a book called "Reiki To Jinjutsu – Tomita Ryû Teate Ryôhô" [Reiki and Humanitarian Work – Tomita Ryu Hands Healing] writen in 1933 by Kaiji Tomita who was a student of Mikao Usui.

When we look at the translation of Hatsurei-hô 発霊法 we see why it is so important to practice and understand within Mikao Usui's teachings.

Hatsu 発 means: to arise, to give birth, to reveal what is hidden or to emit.

Rei 霊 means: spirit and inconceivable spiritual ability.

Ho 法 means: dharma, ultimate truth or method.

Therefore Hatsurei-ho means, “The ultimate truth to reveal our hidden inconceivable spiritual ability.”

Come and join international Reiki teacher and author Frans Stiene, who has been practicing Hatsurei-hô for over 20 years now, on this amazing journey of revealing your inconceivable spiritual ability.

Each session will be 30 minutes long, the practice sessions will be followed up with discussion and additional information and teachings on the associated forum.