Come and join Frans Stiene for a 21 Day Shinpiden Reiki III Mantra Journey.

Together, with lots of people from around the world, we will do a live video chanting of the Shinpiden Reiki III mantra for 21 days. By doing this we will start to lay bare our innate Great bright Light more and more. This is an essential aspect of the system of Reiki - show compassion to yourself and others - when we lay bare the light within ourselves we start to feel happier and are more kind for ourselves, this inturn will benefit others.

Frans first began chanting through the teachings of Mikao Usui, and later honed it through the teachings of a Taoist teacher, with whom he worked for 12 years. Since 2012 Frans has been in training with a Japanese priest to deepen his chanting skills and other meditation practices.

Take your practice to a new level and join Frans for this amazing chanting journey.