Within Okuden Reiki II we find 3 mantras.

Many people use these mantras as an external tool but traditionally they were there to help you to become the mantra through extensive chanting.

During this 21 day Live Chanting Journey we will chant each mantra for a period of 1 week, each chanting session is 30 minutes long. This will help you to gain a much deeper understanding of why these mantras were taught by Mikao Usui in the first place.

So join Frans in this exploration of deepening your personal direct experience of the tools taught in Okuden Reiki II. Experience the mantras not just on an intellectual level but from a direct experience in your mind, body, and energy.

Frans first began chanting through the teachings of Mikao Usui, and later honed it through the teachings of a Taoist teacher, with whom he worked for 12 years. Since 2012 Frans has been in training with a Japanese priest to deepen his chanting skills and other meditation practices.