Each session will be 30 minutes long during which we will focus on chanting the Reiki Precepts in Japanese.

The more we chant these precepts the more we start to embody them in our daily life. The Reiki Precepts are a fundamental aspect of Mikao Usui's teachings and by chanting them on a daily basis we also start to experience the deeper layers of hands-on/off healing, of the meditations, of the reiju/attunement/initiation, and of the symbols and mantras.

"When you observe the precepts without trying to observe the precepts, that is true observation of the precepts." - Shunryu Suzuki

Frans first began chanting through the teachings of Mikao Usui, and later honed it through the teachings of a Taoist teacher, with whom he worked for 12 years. Since 2012 Frans has been in training with a Japanese priest to deepen his chanting skills and other meditation practices.